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ICONS: foxtrot bravo/scarlett johansson

If you haven't, do so now. Listen to www.myspace.com/foxtrotbravotheband. They rock my world. If you have listened to them, could you tell me where I can download RUN BABY RUN? Thanksies. Without further ado:

the yellowbrick roadCollapse )

ICONS: gossip girl/jennifer decker

I have been a very bad icon maker. For reasons not entirely out of my control I have been too lazy/tired/distracted by late night TV to post on here since I was accepted, which resulted in me being told off. With good reason.

Without further ado:

[11] Gossip Girl
[9] Jennifer Decker (that gorgeous girl from Flyboys)

xoxoCollapse )

GRAPHICS: emmy memorabilia

You guys may have gathered that I'm a TV junkie. Which is why fall is my favorite season EVER. Besides the pretty colors, the new seasons, the Emmys come. With a few months to go and the nominations in, I've made a collection of emmy fan stuff (14 icons and 15 userinfo images). Hope you enjoy.
i walk around with the Emmy wherever I go, but I'm very casual about itCollapse )

ICONS: panic at the disco/summer glau

Okay. I'm fucking pissed that Ryan and Jon are leaving PTD. In fact, I have never been this pissed in a long time. The only thing that could have, hypothetically made me pisseder is if Brendan left. Because, let's face it, he's the hot one.

Anyway, ramble aside I decided to channel my anger into creative pursuits and the results are below.

[25] Panic at the Disco (couple of just Brendan... he IS the hot one, after all...)
[6] The Sarah Connor Chronicles (just Summer)

it's cold in here, time for summer?Collapse )

ICONS: demi lovato

I recently downloaded Demi Lovato's album from iTunes. I must say, I was positively surprised. For a Disney channel kid, she's pretty good... And it's good that she's pretty. It makes iconing her a lot of fun.

Demi, if you read this or if anyone who reads this ever talks to you: keep on singing. But don't ever act. Please. Please. I beg of you...
[13] demi lovato

Quick Note

 Just before I post my first PROPER post, I want to say something.

All graphics/snaggable posts will be public, because I fail to see why it shouldn't be. All personal blog posts are going to be friends' only because I'm mildly disconcerted by the idea of who-knows-who reading about my life. It's kinda creepy.

I'd love it if you DID add me. I'm sure we could be friends. (Unless you're the creepy weirdo I'm trying to protect myself from. Just saying). xD